3 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Outside House Paint in Port Orchard

Painting the exterior of your home is an effective way to keep your home looking great and well-protected from the elements. If you have an outside house paint project coming up, use this short list of questions to make the process easier and quicker.outside house paint in Port Orchard

What’s Your Budget?

Multiple paint manufacturers offer product lines across price points for outdoor painting. Having a price point you’re comfortable spending in mind can help you narrow down the dozens of options available and make the selection process go faster. 

What Are Your Primary Concerns About Your Home?

Whether your home gets no shade or is a tree-filled lot that encourages mildew and algae growth, you can find a paint formula to resist common problems like sun fading or algae.

What Color Would You Like?

While many homeowners start with color, getting the right type of paint is paramount–otherwise, the color won’t matter if the paint performs poorly. There are pros and cons to both choosing trendy and traditional colors. What’s most important is picking a shade that suits your personal style and your home’s features.

Do You Need Help with Outside House Paint Services in Port Orchard?

Patrick’s Sparkle, Inc. is your local source for the highest quality interior and exterior painting work and custom construction, and we have a good understanding of local weather trends and how to work with them successfully. We offer the ideal combination of affordability and performance, whether moving in, getting ready to sell or hoping to breathe new life into a home you’ve loved for years. Our friendly, professional team offers free estimates for interior painting, exterior painting and construction services like Drywall hanging, popcorn ceiling removal and deck construction. Contact us today for prompt service and a customized estimate that includes outside house paint and application to revive your home’s exterior. 

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