How To Get Great Results Painting a Bathroom in Port Orchard

When painting a bathroom in your home, there are special considerations you need to make. The size of the room is critical to keep in mind, as is the warm and humid environment that most bathrooms foster. Here are top tips to ensure your painting project comes out great.patricks-sparkle-painting-exterior-interior-residential-painting-service-kitsap-county

Ventilate Your Work Area Well

Ventilation is essential when painting small or enclosed spaces. Use exhaust fans or open windows to allow moisture to escape during and after painting. This ensures the paint dries properly. It also reduces the odor of paint.

Choose the Right Paint and Apply Two Coats

The moisture found in many bathrooms can encourage mold and fungus growth; once it gets a toe-hold, it can be challenging work to remove. Apply at least two coats of mold-resistant paint for durability. Some paint stores offer antifungal additives that can be mixed with your chosen paint for protection. You can begin painting the bathroom once your paint is mixed to your specifications. Just remember to apply two coats to get the perfect color.

Caulk Joints and Seams

Seal joints and gaps with bathroom-grade caulk to prevent moisture infiltration. This will help your paint job hold up under the challenging conditions of most bathrooms.

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