Tips for Preventing Mold on Your Bathroom Wall Paint

Ongoing maintenance is vital to keeping your bathroom mold-free. Use these tips to care for this space from top to bottom, including the bathroom wall paint, and you’ll be well on your way to keeping it sparkling. bathroom wall paint in Poulsbo

Control Moisture Buildup

Wipe down bathroom surfaces regularly to prevent moisture buildup and grime that mold feeds on. Ensuring your bathroom gets good ventilation to control humidity in the air is also paramount.

Minimize the Potential for Water Damage

Inspect your bathroom for plumbing or fixture leaks and repair them promptly to prevent excess moisture. Pay attention to painted walls, too, as raised paint or bubbles can signify water seeping through the wall. Replacing deteriorating caulk and any caulk with gaps in your shower or bathtub will help to maintain a watertight seal. 

Repaint as Needed

When paint shows wear and tear, refresh it with a new coat of mold-resistant paint. Depending on how humid your bathroom is and how well you follow these other tips, you can expect this paint to last several years before reapplying.

Need Help with Controlling Mold on Bathroom Wall Paint in Poulsbo?

For a mold-free bathroom that’s clean, healthy and appealing for years to come, you need a contractor dedicated to using only quality materials and with the expertise to create a fresh and hygienic haven in your home. Patrick’s Sparkle, Inc. is ready to help restore your bathroom to a clean and mold-free space that’s more appealing and hygienic for you and your family to use. Not only are we an in-demand painting contractor for exterior painting work and custom construction, but we welcome all your interior painting and construction services, too. If your bathroom needs a little TLC–from Drywall hanging to new bathroom wall paint, contact us today for your complimentary estimate.

Get Expert Repainting of Bathroom Wall Paint for a Mold-Free Result in Poulsbo

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